When I was a beginning student sometimes high ranking black belts would come to the dojo to visit, teach, or train. I discovered that if you hung around after class and asked a few leading questions, sometimes the visiting black belt would open a new world to you: stories about his teachers or about masters now gone, techniques for strengthening a particular part of the body, martial philosophy and psychology, new ways of looking at old techniques, or challenges to think about and test yourself against. Shin Gi Tai: Karate Training for Body, Mind, and Spirit is like having Michael Clarke visit the dojo and drop all these things and more in your lap. It is an eclectic book containing everything from training techniques to history, background on why karate-ka do what they do to commentary on modern trends in the martial arts. Mostly it is a chance to hang out with a senior martial artist and to listen to him talk about the many-facets world of karate. I will be mulling over his insights for months to come.