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Now in its third printing, Timeline Charts of the Western Church has sold more than 10,000 copies. In March of 2000, it was named an ECPA Gold Medallion Book Award finalist. Already in use throughout the English-speaking world, it is now being translated into other languages as well.

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Timeline Charts of the Western Church traces Christianity from its roots to 1998. The most comprehensive source of church history dates available today, it details the who, what, when, and where of the church. Using dates and capsule descriptions, it maps out two millennia of people, organizations, doctrines, and practices, as well as their wider social and historical context. Though detailed enough for the serious student of church history, Timeline Charts of the Western Church is written in clear, accessible language so lay people and nonstudents can also use and enjoy it.

  • 4500 entries spanning the two millennia from the birth of Christ to 1998
  • Entries for 1282 individual people and 528 individual texts
  • A comprehensive index containing 21,000 lines of information
  • Several one-or-two-page summary charts containing overviews of church history
  • Genealogy Charts for:  all the major denominations, most modern Bible translations, and the Book of Common Prayer
  • And more. . .

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