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Healing with herbs has long been a tradition in the martial arts. As ever more martial artists train in the West, interest in Western herbs grows. This book investigates sixty-four herbs that are readily available in North America and Europe. For each herb it discusses the evidence for its effectiveness, the evidence for its safety, and how specifically to use it to enhance martial arts and contact sports training. Even the beginner will be able to choose an herb to meet a specific training need, purchase a good quality portion of that herb, prepare it, and use it safely.

340 pages
YMAA Publication Center (October 16, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1594391971
Literary agent: Krista Goering


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You can order the paperback or a pdf version directly from the publisher, YMAA.
Paperback and e-book copies are also available on [amazon text=Amazon&asin=B005BOMP62] and Barnes and Noble.
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Here’s what people are saying about Western Herbs:

“This book will be treasured by martial artists and health professionals of all traditions. Destined to be a classic!”

Brigitte Mars, author of The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine

“Western Herbs for Martial Artists and Contact Athletes is a unique and interesting tome, a valuable contribution to the serious practitioner’s bookshelf.”

Lawrence A. Kane, author of Surviving Armed Assaults and The Little Black Book of Violence

“The author has utilized her considerable expertise in research and her natural flair for writing to create a book destined to become an instant classic both for herbalists and martial artists.”

David Price, L. Ac., M.O.M., B.A.

“Herbal medicine expertise has long been the realm of Chinese practitioners, but Western martial artists need information about using Western herbs. This book brings a commonsense approach to treating injuries with 64 herbs readily available at American health food stores. By demystifying a complicated topic with well-organized, plainspoken advice, Dr. Peterson has given athletes a unique and valuable resource.”

Jim Barnes, Editor,