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Do you have a manuscript sitting in a drawer gathering dust?

Publishing through traditional channels is a difficult, demanding process. Editors select manuscripts not just for the worthiness of the content but proven salability. Once published, authors are typically expected to do their own publicity. And a book's royalty rates are often less than 10% of the cover price.

Consequently, some authors decide to take their literary fate into their own hands and self-publish rather than enduring the aggravations of traditional publishing. Alcuin Communications can help you self publish.

Why hire Alcuin Communications to help you publish your book?

  • Our staff includes a professional writer with thirty-five years of experience. We can help you put together text that's both clear and effective. She has both self published and had books published with traditional publishers. She knows both.
  • We have the skills both to help you sculpt your text and to package it in an attractive way. You provide the content. We provide the technical skills to put it between covers.
  • We can work with Lulu, BookSurge/CreateSpace, FedEx Office or your local printer.
  • We offer al a carte services: transcription, editing, proofreading, cover and interior design, submission to the printer. You do the work you can do. We do the rest. And you pay only for the services you use.
  • Are you in Chisago County or north Washington County, Minnesota? Then you can talk face-to-face with your designer. Services are available, however, anywhere the Internet reaches.